Replace bathtub for a shower tray or shower

Replace the bathtub for a shower tray or shower

Troca de banheira por base de chuveiro ou poliban

Bathtubs are a piece in the bathroom that sometimes becomes inadequate.

There are various reasons why people choose to replace the bathtubs for a shower tray or shower:

  • • Because it is easier to shower daily
  • • Because the bathroom has more room, if you replace the bathtub for a shower
  • • Because it avoids falls in the bath, so it is safer
  • • Because it is more practical for elderly people or people with special needs
  • • Because there is another bathtub in the house and there is no need to have bathtubs that aren’t being used

Naturally, if you don’t work with professionals, replacing a bathtub for a shower tray can be very complex.

The difficulties for this operation may pile up, but at Ideal, we have the experience and method, so with minimum impact, have your bathroom with a new shower and with a more attractive look, between 24 to 48 hours. At the end everything will be cleaned and the service is guaranteed.

We provide solutions for small areas of replacement tiles and shower trays, showers and shower guards as they satisfy the delights of the user and improve your bathroom significantly.

At Ideal, we are committed, to providing you the best service, with a warranty of 5 years and keeping our promises.

Ask for our quotation today, through our customer service line or by our form without obligation and you’ll be visited by an Ideal Plumber that will quote you on the service needed, as well as answer any questions you may have.