Safety advice in the bath and Tips for saving water

Safety advice in the Bath

Falls are frequent in the bath; moisture created during the bath makes the floor of the tub slippery, especially if you have old wares, cracked and anti-slip systems. If your household consists of children, elderly or people with special needs, the precautions at bath-time are increased.

Some basic materials like anti-slip rubber rugs or the installation of lateral metal bars to support the falls, are inexpensive ways but ineffective to preventing accidents in the bath.

IDEAL Plumber provides substitution of old baths for shower trays measured to your needs. If you already have a shower base, this can be improved, by applying a guard to prevent water leaks and easy to clean.
Request the visit of a plumber to the site, which will evaluate the equipment and present a quote according to what is needed. We present a renovation proposal of the space according to what you want and watch your bathroom be ready in 48 hours.

Tips for saving water

  • 1. Smart Substitution
  • If you need to change a tap, substitute it for a model with the lowest flow of water. Choose taps that open in two stages, and put in a reductor or filters. Efficient, simple to install and at a reduced value, allowing you to save around 35 thousand liters of water a year.
  • 2. Saving in the kitchen
  • The cooking water of vegetables may be used for soups or other dishes, keeping the nutrients and not wasting water.
  • 3. Water for the entire house
  • Close the taps when you don’t need water and check if the taps of the whole house don’t drip, such a gesture can result in saving up to 21 thousand liters of water a year, in a traditional family.
  • 4. Efficient taps
  • Mixer taps, single-lever or thermostatic allow you to get the desired temperature for the bath and reduces wasting water.
  • 5. Minimum discharge of water
  • Reduce your cistern water intake to about 30%, by adjusting the cistern to the minimum volume, regulating the filling mechanism in the interior, or by using a discharge reductor, opting for different discharge models (with two buttons) or with a discharge interruption remote.
  • This simple gesture translates into an annual saving of 78 thousand liters of water.
  • 6. Replace for a shower tray
  • Shower trays are more economic and secure, and with them you can save on the daily water consumption of your family. Give up immersion baths and reduce running water time and save 40% in your annual water consumption.
  • 7. Gardens and Exteriors
  • If you have automatic watering programmers, the ideal time to water your garden is before 8am, allowing the water to be absorbed in bigger quantity and not evaporate easily in peak hours.
  • Clean cement or wooden areas with a broom instead of the hose. Check regularly for breaks and leaks in your irrigation system and take advantage of the water from the gutters to water your garden.
  • 8. Modern and Ecological
  • Substitute your old sanitary wares for modern and more ecological wares. There are various sanitary and kitchen ware options and also wares that allow saving in daily water consumption, and fitting with the decoration of your home. Request professional help with one of our plumbers and see the options we have to offer.
  • 9. Reduce domestic water consumption
  • To shave, cover the drain of the sink. To brush your teeth, use a cup and close the tap when you don’t need water.