Why IDEAL Plumber

Why IDEAL Plumber

The IDEAL Plumbers are professionals trained, ethical posture and sympathy.

We work with a table of fixed prices, which are presented before starting any repair or intervention, so that our customers can know the amount to be paid accurately and without surprises.

If you have a need for improvement or an urgent situation in plumbing of your home or business, our service starts with a phone call, where we promise you a friendly and efficient service.

Later, according to their availability we will send you a professional IDEAL Plumber who will check the situation totally free of charge, informing you of the necessary intervention, if there are alternatives, and show the value according to our Book Price.
The visit and the budget are completely free and without compromise.

With your permission, and prior knowledge of the value, the technician will start the repair.

We work so that all assistance to install or repair plumbing are well-made at first time.

At the end of the intervention it will be issued an invoice, our service is guaranteed.

Hire a reliable service that respects your space and offers security and professionalism, without, however, be more expensive than other options.